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Growth in cleaning industry brings better job opportunities

Cleaning Industry GrowthThe cleaning industry in Australia is not only limited to carpet cleaning, upholstery cleaning, dry cleaning, or home cleaning. In fact, the commercial cleaning sector shares a big portion of this growing industry. At times, when recession is blowing its horn all the major industries, the cleaning industry has emerged as a high turnover industry, especially in countries like Australia.

Apart from the domestic cleaning sector, there is a huge demand for reliable, trained, and efficient cleaners in the field of commercial cleaning. Metro cities like Melbourne and Sydney are the hub of such jobs, and the commercial cleaning companies sydney are now offering several types of jobs for both trained and untrained candidates.

Experience not necessary

Experience is not an obligatory criterion to get office cleaning jobs in Sydney. Entry level jobs are also available in Sydney cleaning services. These jobs not only puts forward an opportunity to earn well, but also improves prospects of future growth and advancements in the commercial cleaning industry. According to reports, the demand for professional cleaning services is  a lot more than its supply at present. This means there is a huge potential of growth for those, who are taking up office cleaning jobs in Sydney.

If you are on the hunt for cleaning jobs in Melbourne, and you do not have any prior training or experience, then you can look for part time commercial cleaning jobs. A number of commercial cleaning companies hire students and send them on part time cleaning jobs. Per hour rate for such part time jobs can be anywhere between 15 to 20 dollars depending on the quality and reliability of your work.

Getting jobs in commercial cleaning companies

There are quite a few commercial cleaning companies Sydney, which appoints cleaners with prior experience in commercial cleaning or training in this field. They look for qualities like attention to details, time management skills, and commitment towards the job. Those who lack experience or training can seek the help of agencies offering training programs for both household and commercial cleaners.

Office buildings followed by educational institutions, government buildings, industrial facilities, retail, and wholesale establishments are among the top sources of office cleaning jobs in Sydney. Healthcare and private facilities offer huge growth opportunities for commercial cleaning companies Sydney, which in turn makes the turnover of this industry as high as eighty percent or even higher.

Training programs for commercial cleaning jobs

Training can be your best bet if you do not hold any prior experience in the field of commercial cleaning. These training programs put together up-to-date approach and cleaning techniques in its modules and some programs are specifically developed for beginners to improve their skill base.

One of the best things about getting commercial cleaning in Melbourne or Sydney is the security that these jobs provide. A number of financial analysts had claimed that the cleaning industry is very stable and recession resistant at the same time. This is the right time to take advantage of this growth in cleaning industry, as even an entry level job can take a competent person to greater heights in this industry.

Cleaning Jobs

cleaning-supplies-bucket Earn money even in recession with cleaning jobs in Melbourne and Sydney

Job satisfaction, monetary benefits, flexibility, and growth prospects, are some of the key features that people seek while finding a job. If you glance at the career prospects available in Australia, then you will certainly notice a significant growth in jobs in the cleaning industry.

There is no dearth of opportunities in major cities of Australia, and with the important role of cleaners, there will be need for quality cleaners all the time. Cleaning jobs in Melbourne opens up gates leading to jobs that enable people to learn new skills and unfurl further opportunities that many are not aware of.

Rise of cleaning services

There has been an emergence of many professional domestic cleaning services in Sydney and the jobs for domestic cleaners have surfaced at the same rate. Cleaning companies now look for
trained and experienced, and even part time cleaners for domestic cleaning jobs. The abundance of Sydney cleaning services puts forward a bright job outlook in front of those, who are looking
for well paying jobs coupled with other benefits.

Experience and training will not be a hurdle in the way of getting cleaning jobs in Melbourne, as now there is access to good training programs specifically designed for cleaners and janitors.
Training is available for different cleaning areas including hospital infection control, landmark cleaning, domestic cleaning, and even forensic cleaning.

Training programs available

Another advantage of training programs developed for cleaners is that, some of them do not require any prior experience in the field. If you find the right training provider, then you will not only be able to get proper training, but can land on a good job at the same time.

There are many reputable companies that offer domestic cleaning services in Melbourne, and look for part time cleaners as well. Being a part of a growing company in the cleaning industry of metros like Sydney or Melbourne will offer many opportunities for advancements. The facts says that majority of those who started their career as cleaners ended up being team leaders, franchise managers, and even general managers of companies.

Good monetary benefits 

As far as the monetary benefits of cleaning jobs is concerned, one can earn a handsome amount,as the salary is normally determined on per job or per hour basis. The hourly pay can range from a minimum of 15 to 20 dollars to a maximum of 40 to 50 dollars. This means that the annual salary in cleaning jobs can range up to fifty thousand dollars a year, which is pretty attractive.

The task of cleaners varies with different Sydney cleaning services. Those who are searching for cleaning jobs in Melbourne, Sydney, or other major cities can filter the jobs based on the location, salary offered, per/hour or per/month based salary, experience, and even the city. This helps in short listing the available jobs and making the right choice.

Whether you are starting your career or changing your job, domestic cleaning jobs can be the right place to set your best foot forward. All you need to do is to look at the right place.


dollar sign picturesThe commercial cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy. One of the reasons behind this, is the fact that cleaning has been, and continues to be, a recession-proof sector. In fact, despite the global down-turn in the economy, the commercial cleaning industry is expected to outperform past years in 2013. According to financial analysts the commercial cleaning industry is expected to climb from 80 billion dollars a year to raking in more than 150 billion in 2013. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labour Statics projects that the title of “professional cleaning specialist” will be one of the fastest growing jobs in the next few years.

There is plenty of scope for entrepreneurs who are wondering whether the commercial cleaning industry is worth their time and investment. The sector has traditionally been flooded with small, privately held and operated businesses. There is a lack of professional…

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The commercial cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy.

dollar sign picturesThe commercial cleaning industry is one of the fastest growing areas of the economy. One of the reasons behind this, is the fact that cleaning has been, and continues to be, a recession-proof sector. In fact, despite the global down-turn in the economy, the commercial cleaning industry is expected to outperform past years in 2013. According to financial analysts the commercial cleaning industry is expected to climb from 80 billion dollars a year to raking in more than 150 billion in 2013. Additionally, the US Bureau of Labour Statics projects that the title of “professional cleaning specialist” will be one of the fastest growing jobs in the next few years.

There is plenty of scope for entrepreneurs who are wondering whether the commercial cleaning industry is worth their time and investment. The sector has traditionally been flooded with small, privately held and operated businesses. There is a lack of professional and standardized service in the commercial cleaning industry and so there is definitely plenty of room for new players. In fact, the rate of turn-over in the industry is very high because of the number of commercial cleaning suppliers who fail to deliver a consistently high level of service to their customers.

In order for any commercial cleaning supplier to be successful, it must be run as efficiently as any other businesses. The employees hired must be enthusiastic and hardworking with no criminal history or bad reference on their resume. They must also deliver consistent results when it comes to cleaning. If they are hired as an all-around cleaner then they must be able to vacuum, dust, shine brass, wash windows, clean bathrooms and a variety of other specialized tasks. Good commercial cleaning services will actually train new employees in how they expect something to be cleaned so that there is no variance in the interpretation of what is clean and what is not. With the advancement of new technologies in the sector the training  of cleaning technitions is paramount to success in this industry.

One of the biggest reasons that commercial cleaning suppliers lose their contracts is due to a lack of service and non-performance. So, a commercial cleaning provider who is willing to properly train their employees and who is willing to guarantee a consistently high level of cleanliness will have what is takes to succeed in this burgeoning industry. has developed an online basic cleaing training for new entrants to help with training and inducting new staff. also provides the only online jobboard especially for the cleaning industry where job seekers and employers can connect to find and seek employment in this developing industry.

In the coming years, many analysts project that the greatest dwhere the jobs are nowemand for commercial cleaning suppliers will come from health care, education, nursing homes and other private facilities. As most economists agree that the commercial cleaning industry is one to watch and with the high rate of small, private companies who start-up and are unable to continue, there is plenty of opportunity for someone who is willing to create a large, professional and standardized commercial cleaning service, that will provide consistently high results.

The commercial cleaning industry has always been around, but it has remained in the realm of small operators. Now, more people are starting to take notice of the potential of the industry and are beginning to launch larger companies. Even if they are unable to compete price-wise with the smaller operators, if they provide a better service, then businesses will be more likely to hire and keep them on.


“What is the process that you use to Hire Cleaners or Janitors

If it is like me then it can be and about as much fun as sticking a blunt needle in your eye. In the cleaning industry hiring good workers is a bit of a hit and miss scenario. And it goes something like this.

Your supervisor rings up on a Tuesday morning and says Ray we need a new cleaner after you find out that they have been getting to work late every morning for the last 2 weeks, so you have had enough, time to move them on. Now the laborious task follows.

You place an advertisement – cleaner wanted must be able to work weekends, have own transport, this is a morning shift for 2 hours, 7 days per week. Please call XXX XXX XXX. Some ads are more professionally written and some aren’t. But generally they say the same thing ‘I need a cleaner and apply here’.

Then Saturday morning comes and at 5.30am the phone starts, the early bird thinks that waking you up at 5.30am on Saturday morning is his best chance, so I think to myself I am not a fish so I let it go to message bank and he or she is first off the list. They are only thinking of themselves and won’t be able to troubleshoot a problem because they will ring at all hours when their mop bucket has broken. And steadily for the next 2 days the phone rings and I let it go to message bank;retrieve the numbers and slowly ring everyone back and listen to what they have to say and what experience they have, are they willing to work, and the list goes on. And after 2 days of phone calls, 1 day of ringing everyone back and listening to people tell me their life problems and why they want to be a cleaner even though they have not cleaned their toilet in the last month, why this is the best job for them but they don’t know if they can work nights or early mornings.

Here are the numbers 40-50 people respond to the ad, 10-15 have never cleaned before except wash the dishes and mopped their floor sometime last year, 10-15 have cleaned offices way back in 1937 for their boss a couple of times a week, 10 have cleaned commercially in offices and other establishments so I will keep these numbers and ask them all to come to the office for an interview, 7 arrive, of those 7, 5 I would employ maybe. And the remaining 2 are the only ones with a heartbeat and seem to be able to do the work, they fit the criteria I will give them a go and see how they fit in. And out of those 50 people who rang I might get 1 or 2 who are good to great cleaners or employees, maybe! Sometimes you have 2 ok people and you train and employ them and 3 months later you have to go through the whole process again as they have left or you have moved them on because they have been consistently late for the last 2 weeks

Does it sound familiar? So that is why I started to ask the question that there had to be a better way.I needed to look at the problem of why people thought that cleaning is easy and everyone can do it.

The cleaning industry in this day and age is more than swinging a mop and dusting a ledge.Our clients are expecting more and cleaning technology is evolving; cleaners jobs are becoming more skilled and more demanding. So I started to think of what could I do to enhance the training of my workers and anybody else who is contemplating entering our industry.

The first problem that I needed to try to solve is how to educate potential candidates on what the cleaning is all about and what they can expect to do on a daily basis.That is where clean recruits online training came from. It is a tool for cleaning companies to use to let potential candidates know before the interview what they can expect to do in their daily jobs. And it works If I get phone calls from people looking for work I now tell them to register at  as a job seeker and complete the online course. If they complete the online course and register as a job seeker then I immediately know that they are serious about working for me and they already know what they will be in for before they start.

Also I have completed a WORK PLACE SAFETY INDUCTION (as it is part of the course).

So essentially I have found a candidate, received all of their personal particulars (online registration), qualified them (online course), and inducted them (workplace health & safety module in course) and I haven’t even had them for an interview yet. Now I am not saying that they will work out perfectly and be model employees but at least I have tried to narrow down the field and only get the people who want to work and learn the industry that we are in.

These people are hopefully looking for a career and not just a job at and receive a pay cheque. These are the people who I am looking for because they mean less work for me and better results for my clients. The second problem I wanted to try to solve was a place where companies such as mine could go and find cleaners or advertise for them. And that how job board came from. A place where job seekers can register, look for work and upload their resume. A place for where cleaning companies can register and place a job advertisement that does not cost the earth ($24.95) for one month posting instead of the $187.00 it costs to place an advertisement in my local newspaper. A place where cleaning companies can search for cleaners/janitors on a database and contact potential candidates. A place where cleaning companies can train employees with our online basic training. By getting your employees to complete the course you have a written record of safety and occupational training that can be useful in the event that you have a workplace accident. So if you are having the same problems as me in finding good workers then give a try.

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The cleaning industry is a high staff turnover industry “why”.

The cleaning industry is a high staff turnover industry “why”.

Is it because it’s a low paying job, is it because it is deemed menial job, or because we the population don’t value the occupation or the work that cleaners/janitors perform.
I believe that it is all of the above and more. Cleaners/janitors perform a necessary function to society as a whole. In my last post I showed the value of what cleaners are to our society. The important function they provide the value to all of us in keeping us safe.

So why do we de-value their input. We are a service industry and by its very nature we rely on our employees (cleaners) to perform a service. When that service is not to our clients or the populations expectations then why do we de-value the service. All service businesses that sell a service rely on employees/workers to perform that service or job. Employees/workers work for companies or other people they provide a function relative to the success of the business. Every service business is selling an intangible commodity. That commodity is the people that we employee to perform the service that we sell. So why do we de-value the very thing that we sell.

As a cleaning company owner I know the problems that we all face when managing a workforce that we are relying on to enhance our brand. One of the things that I have learnt is to value the work that my employees do for me. Yes our employees don’t always do what is expected but I am yet to see a model employee who is brilliant and does what I pay him/her for perfectly every day. And to be truthful neither do I. Do you do everything that your clients expect every day, I doubt it. So why is the cleaning industry so de valued in the eyes of our clients. Why if we are so bad why  don’t they do it themselves if they think that it can be done better every single day. Are their employees so perfect? Is their staff doing everything that needs to be done perfect every day? I doubt it in fact I know that this does not happen.

“We are stripping your foyer tonight please remove everything off the floor so that we can have access, and inform the tenants and their employees that we will be starting at 11.00pm and there will be  no access to the area”.  

11.00pm nothing moved, “I need to get over there!?”” did you not get the memo?”.”What memo?”  4 hours later half the area finished people walking over polish. Arghh I give up we will come back tomorrow night.

8.00am and irate building service manager:

“Are your people useless they only got half the floor done, and there is footprints in the polish!”? And you respond “did you inform everyone?” “Of course I did I sent out a memo?” Then my classic line is “you have staff and I have staff!”” SO!?” ” Did they follow your instructions exactly as you had asked?””That’s different I can’t control everybody’s actions nor can I control how they think!”

The penny drops. We all need to realise that as employers that not everything goes as planned and not everyone does what we say. But that is not to say that we should de value the work that they provide or do. We need to understand what is important to our people and understand that sometimes they will not do what we ask. But we shouldn’t de value the function they perform. Rather we should be empathetic and understand what did and could go wrong. We should value what our staff do on a nightly basis; they are the ones whom are earning us money, enhancing our brand, selling our service. Train them the right way, show them you care about them, and ask them about their life, value them and their work. They will serve you longer and with more loyalty. Jump on them when there is consistent failures or move them on in a nice and proper way.  But I regularly check on them real regularly and I talk to them about things other than work, I help them when they need it e.g. to get a loan. Most employees know when they have not performed as they should; gentle persuasion is all that is needed most of the time. One of my favourite sayings is “you are cleaning for your job, we won’t get extra money for performing great work, we will only ever keep the work we have” and there is plenty of other people willing to earn the money that you are earning. Most don’t like me to say that but I am not being nasty it is true for me as well, and I explain that. This usually does the trick. A job is worth more than unemployment benefits. Engage your staff on a personal level, train them well, supervise their work and value the work that they do. Your turnover rate will reduce dramatically and your  doctor and business will thank you for it. More importantly educate your clients to the value that you and your staff perform and how you help their business function.

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Cleaners/Janitors salaries in the US.

“Respect for the forgotten Janitors”Janitor

Nearly each day, four million people in the United States go to work as janitors, cleaners, maids, housekeepers and other maintenance workers. Over 3% of the workforce is employed in those jobs, which are among the lowest paid jobs in the country. This small army of workers that many of us don’t see unless we are working in the middle of the night are essential to the well-being of the rest of us.

Just think for a minute, the appearance of the buildings…. the germs….. and bacteria that would thrive if we didn’t have these essential workers.

Just imagine going to the toilet at work we use at least 3 times a day  that had not been cleaned….sobering thought wouldn’t you say. These workers keep us safe from these germs….provide us a clean environment and directly affect the health of the nation by maintaining germ and bacteria levels to an acceptable level.

Pandemic now that is a word to send shivers down everyone spine and the definition of pandemic is an epidemic of infectious disease that has spread through human populations across a large region.

JanitorNow think that these people are among the lowest paid workers. Below is a graph of the average salary of janitors in the United States. You see what I mean.

So when going to work this morning spare a thought to the person whom emptied your trash can, cleaned your staff toilet, vacuumed the floor and washed the tiles. If you see a janitor working in your building go up and say ” Thank you ” its a small price to pay to keep you healthy.

Average Salary of Janitor Jobs with Related Titles

corteo cirquador


janitor maintenance


custodial worker






food service worker i


custodian ii


customer service administrative assistant


industrial cleaning


industrial janitor


part-time industrial cleaning – st joseph mo


locker room attendant


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Janitor Salary Information

This free salary calculator uses salary data from
millions of job listings indexed by Simply Hired’s job search engine.
The janitor salary comparisons feature allows job seekers
to get the information required to make important career decisions
and negotiate salary ranges.

For additional janitor salary information, we recommend

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