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Cleaner Training Courses


CLEANRECRUITS  has developed the WORLDS 1st online basic  cleaning training. We have developed  online commercial cleaning courses to equip job seekers  entering the cleaning industry with the basic skills and knowledge to become a success in the industry.

It is well known the cleaning industry suffers a high turnover of staff which in turn results in higher costs to business. This is primarily because of lack of understanding of job description,ability, and adequate training. Cleanrecruits has been working to reverse the perception of  cleaning as a dead end job, and one effective method of doing this is through job skills training. We believe that equipping new candidates with prior knowledge of what the cleaning industry entails, what sought of tasks will be required to be performed, and a basic understanding of cleaning that we can empower the cleaning industry to new heights of professionalism.

So how can I benefit from completing Cleanrecruits Professional Cleaning training?

Job Seekers can benefit by

  1. Certification to enhance your employment prospects.
  2. Recognition from employers.
  3. Enhance your skills & knowledge.
  4. Increase your confidence.

Companies can benefit by

  1. Lower Staff turnover.
  2. Improved morale of staff.
  3. Less supervision with trained staff.
  4. Compliance in O.H.S with induction safety training.
  5. Increased productivity.
  6. Increased profit.

Click on our Cleaning Training video to see more 

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