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How to Be a Janitor

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Janitor is a common name which majority of common person believed that it is the person that usually comes and open door every morning for the student to come in. A janitor responsibilities and his purpose is more than that. Aside opening the door for the students and workers, he is the one that helps to pack all trash even though they have some other duties assigned to them. A janitor is also responsible for the furnaces operation maintenance, the air conditioning and boilers systems.

Some other duties janitor does are to carry out maintenance of the commercial properties cleanliness in places such as office, publics and buildings facilities. Good janitor receives good salary. According to US Bureau of Labor Statistics as at 2010, a janitor salary was about $23,000. The janitor salary is calculated on hourly basis. Before janitor could be employed in the in the educational or governmental sector, his drug and criminal background will be required. There is no special skill and intellect required in janitor’s employment and for this reason, salary cannot be calculated based on this because what matters most if how efficient and effect such janitor is in his work.

Requirements for Janitors Job

There are some essential things you need to put in place before you could be employed as janitor. Some employers want graduate with at least high school grade as their janitor. Some of these janitors do have equipment repair jobs and basic mechanical knowledge which they got form their vocational colleges or high school. If you are entering as a janitor managerial, it is very important that you have some college coursework which is basically on management.

Job Description

  • Janitor’s responsibilities include:
  • Availability to work in the all shifts including weekends.
  • Janitors carry out majority of the outdoors and indoors work including cycling and trash.
  • Janitor clean floors, desks, counters and tables must. If it is a smaller surface, use rag and spray cleaner but the large area requires more than that. However, carpeted area requires vacuuming. In case there is stain, carpet cleaning machine is the best choice.
  •  If it is bathroom cleaning, much detail are required for the maintenance of the clean bathroom so as to ensure that the toilers, mirrors, floors, sinks, dispensers and some other things are perfectly cleaned. Refilling of toilet dispensers, soap dispensers, paper towel dispensers and seat cover dispensers, air fresheners.

Types of Janitors

There are various types of janitors and can be categorized based on the department they will maintain and keep. Such include:

  1. Building Superintendent: His major work includes the following:
    • cleaning of the common use areas
    • removal of trash
    • repair of minor electrical works
    • plumbing repair
    • minor heating ventilation repair
    • air conditioning repair
    • painting
    • carpentry
    • showing vacancies to the potential tenants.
  2.  Office Janitor: His duties include:
    • helping in emptying wastebaskets
    • dusting work areas
    • vacuuming carpets
    • mopping floors
    • sanitizing
    • restocking bathroom
    • cleaning of the kitchen areas.
  3. Custodian: He helps to maintain institution facilities such as hospital or school.

 photo credit: Daquella manera via photopin cc

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