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“What is the process that you use to Hire Cleaners or Janitors

If it is like me then it can be and about as much fun as sticking a blunt needle in your eye. In the cleaning industry hiring good workers is a bit of a hit and miss scenario. And it goes something like this.

Your supervisor rings up on a Tuesday morning and says Ray we need a new cleaner after you find out that they have been getting to work late every morning for the last 2 weeks, so you have had enough, time to move them on. Now the laborious task follows.

You place an advertisement – cleaner wanted must be able to work weekends, have own transport, this is a morning shift for 2 hours, 7 days per week. Please call XXX XXX XXX. Some ads are more professionally written and some aren’t. But generally they say the same thing ‘I need a cleaner and apply here’.

Then Saturday morning comes and at 5.30am the phone starts, the early bird thinks that waking you up at 5.30am on Saturday morning is his best chance, so I think to myself I am not a fish so I let it go to message bank and he or she is first off the list. They are only thinking of themselves and won’t be able to troubleshoot a problem because they will ring at all hours when their mop bucket has broken. And steadily for the next 2 days the phone rings and I let it go to message bank;retrieve the numbers and slowly ring everyone back and listen to what they have to say and what experience they have, are they willing to work, and the list goes on. And after 2 days of phone calls, 1 day of ringing everyone back and listening to people tell me their life problems and why they want to be a cleaner even though they have not cleaned their toilet in the last month, why this is the best job for them but they don’t know if they can work nights or early mornings.

Here are the numbers 40-50 people respond to the ad, 10-15 have never cleaned before except wash the dishes and mopped their floor sometime last year, 10-15 have cleaned offices way back in 1937 for their boss a couple of times a week, 10 have cleaned commercially in offices and other establishments so I will keep these numbers and ask them all to come to the office for an interview, 7 arrive, of those 7, 5 I would employ maybe. And the remaining 2 are the only ones with a heartbeat and seem to be able to do the work, they fit the criteria I will give them a go and see how they fit in. And out of those 50 people who rang I might get 1 or 2 who are good to great cleaners or employees, maybe! Sometimes you have 2 ok people and you train and employ them and 3 months later you have to go through the whole process again as they have left or you have moved them on because they have been consistently late for the last 2 weeks

Does it sound familiar? So that is why I started to ask the question that there had to be a better way.I needed to look at the problem of why people thought that cleaning is easy and everyone can do it.

The cleaning industry in this day and age is more than swinging a mop and dusting a ledge.Our clients are expecting more and cleaning technology is evolving; cleaners jobs are becoming more skilled and more demanding. So I started to think of what could I do to enhance the training of my workers and anybody else who is contemplating entering our industry.

The first problem that I needed to try to solve is how to educate potential candidates on what the cleaning is all about and what they can expect to do on a daily basis.That is where clean recruits online training came from. It is a tool for cleaning companies to use to let potential candidates know before the interview what they can expect to do in their daily jobs. And it works If I get phone calls from people looking for work I now tell them to register at  as a job seeker and complete the online course. If they complete the online course and register as a job seeker then I immediately know that they are serious about working for me and they already know what they will be in for before they start.

Also I have completed a WORK PLACE SAFETY INDUCTION (as it is part of the course).

So essentially I have found a candidate, received all of their personal particulars (online registration), qualified them (online course), and inducted them (workplace health & safety module in course) and I haven’t even had them for an interview yet. Now I am not saying that they will work out perfectly and be model employees but at least I have tried to narrow down the field and only get the people who want to work and learn the industry that we are in.

These people are hopefully looking for a career and not just a job at and receive a pay cheque. These are the people who I am looking for because they mean less work for me and better results for my clients. The second problem I wanted to try to solve was a place where companies such as mine could go and find cleaners or advertise for them. And that how job board came from. A place where job seekers can register, look for work and upload their resume. A place for where cleaning companies can register and place a job advertisement that does not cost the earth ($24.95) for one month posting instead of the $187.00 it costs to place an advertisement in my local newspaper. A place where cleaning companies can search for cleaners/janitors on a database and contact potential candidates. A place where cleaning companies can train employees with our online basic training. By getting your employees to complete the course you have a written record of safety and occupational training that can be useful in the event that you have a workplace accident. So if you are having the same problems as me in finding good workers then give a try.

Please leave a comment….like it….share it ….It will be much appreciated.

Take a look at the website, click here

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